Our Philosophy

Mission & Values
Our mission is to build a supportive and caring community and to guide our learners to reach their full potential through planned and impromptu skills instruction.

Philosophy & Approach
We aim to establish positive relationships while living together in a supportive community environment. Our talented and caring staff utilizes a home-education model to respond to each learner’s specific educational, social and vocational needs. This child-centred, experiential learning pedagogy allows the student to guide us, as their teacher-educators, to and through their own personal curriculum.

We also embrace a strong belief in positive and proactive behaviour management, Applied Behaviour Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Child-Centred Approach to Learning
Our aim is to empower our students to make choices for themselves. Individual needs vary based on their social, neurological and intellectual abilities and interests.

We collaborate with our students, their families, and other support networks to identify the optimum learning situation. Together, we create a customized, academic “curriculum” that both respects their interests and challenges them.

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